Epic Photos in the Buttes in Yuba City, CA

The Buttes is the smallest mountain range in the world. The Buttes are in a circular configuration with a diameter of 10 miles, covering an area of about 75 square miles and are the remnants of volcanic activity that has been dormant for over a million years. And they are sitting right in my backyard!

I took these photos last summer and all I can say is that Hailee is fire!!!

This is an AMAZING location to shoot at. Just don’t go onto a person’s property and you will be just fine. My favorite area to take photos at is near the end when you almost exit the Butte’s entirely. You will see a long stretch of road and there will be plenty of room to park your car on the side of the road. No matter where you are in the Butte’s, you will always have a gorgeous view.

Fun fact: Sitting right outside of the Buttes is a cemetery known as the Witch’s cemetery. It is very very old and super spooky! I have been out there a few times and actually caught a ghost on camera!


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