3 perfect gift ideas for Valentines Day!

Hello there! It is almost Valentine’s day which means that you’re going to have to think of a special gift for your partner. So, the question is… what do you get them?

First off, every person is different and so the gift should be tailored to each individual. So take these examples and put your own flare on them!

An Activity

I am a huge advocate for doing activities for doing activities over physical gifts. Even though there is nothing wrong with physical gifts! I
love them. Every person enjoys feeling appreciated and planning an extra special activity will be better than anything else you can do. Especially if your partners love language is time together.

If your partner loves movie and getting snuggly then I would recommend ordering their favorite dinner and snacks, have their favorite movie on, make a pillow fort and get comfy!

If your partner loves to be out in nature then I would recommend putting together a picnic basket and taking her out to her favorite park or trail. I know from personal experience that every woman loves to know that their partner knows little things about them. Which hiking trail is their favorite?

If your partner loves road trips then why not go somewhere for the weekend or day? Do they love the ocean? Do they love the mountains? Do they love amusement parks? Do they love exploring new cities? The possibilities are endless. Just drive!

A Gift

There are a couple things you can do if your partner loves physical gifts. You can go for an extravagant gift, a gift that doesn’t cost much but is still meaningful or you can make a gift! Whether your partner loves extravagant gifts or not these questions should get you on the right path!

Do they love purses and jewelry? Do they love clothes? Do they love musicals? Do they love hunting? Do they love crafting? Do they love photography? Do they love movies? Do they love anime?

Think long and hard on what they love. And do something specific to what they love and talk about most often.

Make Something

Now this specific gift can be a little scary because you have to build something but it is ok! Do not fear there are TONS of information on Youtube and Google on exactly what to do. Here are some examples of what you can make.

Make them a photo album of the highlights of your relationship. There is no glue or hot glue involved (unless you are doing a scrapbook). Go to the store and get a photo album and print some pics specifically for the sizes in the book. And just slide the photos into the slips! Easy peasy! It is not too difficult, but the meaning and effort behind it will make it priceless.

Build them something that they have been wanting. For example, as a boudoir photographer, I am always coming up with different ideas for sets and would love it if I could get someone to make it a reality. By listening to your partners needs you will know EXACTLY what they are going to want.

Get crafty!

At the end of the day, I can’t tell you what the perfect gift is for your partner. Like I said, each person is different, but these questions that I asked you are for you to find out the PERFECT gift for YOUR special person.

You can always do a boudoir photoshoot together! Head on over to my portfolio to check out my work.


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