Ask these 4 questions before booking your boudoir photographer

So, you have decided to book a boudoir photoshoot! You are excited and really nervous because you have never done anything like this before. So, now what? You have to hunt around for the RIGHT photographer. You want to trust the person who is going to see a lot of your skin and have access to your photos.

So, here are 4 questions to ask your boudoir photographer…

1. Why should I choose you over another photographer?
2. What is your experience shooting boudoir photography?
3. Where do you shoot?
4. Can I bring a friend?

You have now asked the questions and let me tell you my answers.

I want to start by saying hi there, I’m Bria your friendly neighborhood boudoir photographer! I am super friendly and will definitely try to make you laugh whenever I can. I have a lot of experience photographing people of all ages; I got my start at the Happiest Place on Earth…Disneyland. Up until the pandemic I was there for about 6 years and couldn’t have been happier. I decided to specialize in boudoir because I wanted to help be empowered and feel sexy in their own skin. To help you learn that ALL body types are beautiful and that you don’t need to “lose another 15 pounds” to get a photoshoot. Everyday needs to be celebrated because we never know which day may be our last.

I do my photoshoots in a studio at Rockabetty’s Hair Parlor at 561 Second St, Yuba City, CA 95991. There is a LOT of natural light, a vanity, bed, glitter wall, lip chair, and a bathtub! There are so many backdrops that you can get photos done at.

You can 100% bring a friend! But, only one as I don’t want the room to get too crowded. I am a great hype women but you may need your own. Always question those photographers that won’t allow another person to join you on your photoshoot. Being comfortable is our top priority and not allowing you to bring someone can be a little suspicious.

Hope you like what you see so far! If you have anymore questions then please send me an email at or head over to my contact form here to book your session today!

Go to my About page to know more about me!


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