5 outfits to get your partners heart racing

Hello there and welcome back! I wanted to take a little time to talk about sexy outfits!

One of the most asked questions I get is what one should wear on their boudoir photoshoot. I understand that it can be a little intimidating to wear lingerie or go nude. So here are some options for your next shoot! Hopefully, with me.


There are a few different options to choose from when deciding lingerie. What my friend Kendall (pictured above) is wearing is called a teddy. A teddy is a type of lingerie that covers the entire body (breasts, stomach, & crotch) in one piece. This is similar to a one piece bathing suit or body suit.

Baby doll lingerie is more like a nightie/dress. This type of lingerie can have form fitting cups to keep up the girls, a loose fitted skirt that falls to either the belly button or upper thigh.

Bra and undie sets are just like underwear but sexier! They can come in a bralette or bra and an assortment of undies.


Clothes can be JUST as sexy as your birthday suit. Take a look at Hailee and tell me her dress isn’t sexy as hell! There is soooo much you can do with clothes. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt, jeans and a teddy, booty shorts and a crop top; the possibilities are endless. At the end of the day, it is all about if YOU feel sexy.


I have purchased some jewelry for the client closet! I bought a breast chain, hip chain & butt chain. I am so excited for these! These can be done over clothes or over your birthday suit. These add just a little extra flare to your photoshoot.

Bra & Panties

This is a classic! This doesn’t have to cost much and you can get from literally ANYWHERE!


There are sooo many different types of robes that you can purchase. The robe that I have in my client closet is short, red, and lacey. Eventually, I am going to add the “I just killed my husband” robe. If you know you know…

Birthday Suit

If all else fails, just wear your birthday suit! I know that it can seem intimidating, but your skin is sexy! No matter how much or how little you may have. Boudoir is all about body positivity and if you are up to it…TAKE IT OFF!!! WOO!

With me as your photographer I will tell you that EVERYTHING is fair game; except the crotch. Unless you say that you aren’t comfortable with something! We will go at your pace and you do NOT have to pose nude. I will say that you will feel so empowered that you are going to want to do it on your own.

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