My 3 favorite date night ideas in Yuba City, CA during the Pandemic

Feeling claustrophobic staying inside BUT you still want to be safe during the pandemic? Then these are my favorite ideas for date night just for that!

The Buttes

Have you ever been out to the Sutter Buttes? It is the World’s smallest mountain range and it is so beautiful!!! It wasn’t until I came back years later and finally appreciated its beauty and magnificence! I will say it is all owned by a few different people but you can drive through it and park on the sides of the road.

I have the PERFECT spot for you and your partner! If you drive through the Buttes and get to the point where the mountains end there will be LOTS of room to pull over. It is an AMAZING place to go to watch the sunset, eat your favorite snacks, look at the stars, and have a dance party!

There is soooo much to do out there. I have gone out there multiple times and done both boudoir and creative photoshoots. I have gone out there to watch the Star of Bethlehem during the last week of December 2020. I have gone out there to yell and scream for things that I won’t get into now. I have gone out there for a drive with a close friend and cranked up the tunes. As you can see, the ideas are endless! So, get in your car with your partner and head on out.

Location: Sutter Buttes, CA, 95982

If you are coming from Highway 20 in Yuba City, CA going West you will turn right at Acacia Ave. Follow that all the way to the Buttes. Super easy!

Your Favorite restaurant

Now this one is all about personal preference. I will say that the Yuba-Sutter area is more open than any county in California that I know of. There are many restaurants that have indoor seating as well as the takeout option.

So, here are a list of the COVID safe restaurants that have indoor seating:

All places have limited seating options that make it a safe environment for those that want to venture out for a couple hours. There are plenty of other restaurants that are open for takeout.

The SAFEST option is to get takeout and go to a park that doesn’t have many people and enjoy the day.

Do something together

Do anything together! Being outside and soaking in the sun will help to keep your spirits up and keep you from going crazy. My favorite date night idea is to get some body paint and a huge tarp and paint each other. Learn something new by asking where their erotic zones are and paint it on their body. This is a GREAT way to ask about your partners wants and desires while being in a safe and playful environment.

Another idea is for those that have a lot of space in their homes or outside. Enough space for a projector and watch a movie while sitting on the floor in a fort or outside in a tent. Bring your favorite snacks and drinks (Duh!) and cuddle up with your partner.

My last favorite date night idea is to go on a hike and smell the fresh air! Here are a few locals hikes:


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