5 Amazing Things about Rockabetty’s Hair Salon

I want to talk about ALL THINGS Rockabetty’s Hair Parlor and the AMAZING Amy (the women who owns the place). Amy owns a hair salon, but she has her hands in everything! Let me explain… She owns a hair parlor, boutique, crystal shop, & rents out to women of various credentials. Amy has multiple ladies that rent out space in her building and you will see their names in various sections; they are multitalented! I can’t wait to make an appointment with one of these lovely ladies!

Her place of business is at 561 Second St, Yuba City, CA 95991.

Photography Studio

That’s me! I came back into the area after being gone for so long and she opened her doors with open arms. I have a beautiful studio space that is just PERFECT for me and my clients. I am hoping to be able to encourage my community and others by using my talents as a photographer. I am excited for this new venture in my life. I will admit that it is a little scary but more exhilarating than anything else!

Want to learn more about me? Head on over to my About Me page

Betty’s Boutique

Not only does she do hair but she also owns a boutique and a metaphysical shop! I love all things spiritual (crystals, candles, spell candles, sage and more!) and this is my one stop shop for everything.

Amy not only owns a hair salon, but she also owns a boutique called Betty’s Boutique! Here she sells crystals, books on spirituality, candles, moon water, hats, jewelry, and clothes. A one stop shop for all of your needs! She even sells cold sodas!

Hair Gals


I, personally, have gone to Nimue and she was AMAZING! But, I have seen what the other girls can do and I highly recommend them. Contact them to make your next appointment!



  • Amber (530) 551 – 9326

Nail Techs

Massage Therapist

  • Courtney (530) 933 – 7060


There you have it! There is so much to choose from when you come to Rockabetty’s. So, hurry and make your appointment!


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