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Hi everyone! I want to present the BEAUTIFUL Helen. I have asked her to share her story and say something to the community. Here is what she had to say… Enjoy!

My name is Helen and I grew up in France. Growing up, I had some issues with food; from anorexia to bulimia. When I was 23, I became pregnant and I moved to the US the following year and two years later I was pregnant again.

My weight slowly increased and I was very uncomfortable with my body until some awful news reached me in December of 2018. I had some cancer cells in my body. I had to take different types of medications while waiting for surgery. Those medications made me gained a lot of weight. I became more and more uncomfortable with my body. Finally, Sept of 2019, I got the surgery that I needed and the cancer cells were successfully removed.

Even though I was single, I decided that I would try dating. In March of 2020, I met a wonderful man who never judged me for my size. He always made me feel loved and beautiful even though I would complain about my weight all the time. He is extremely supportive.

I then came across Brianna’s page and thought to myself, why not? Why not pamper myself and find the confidence that my boyfriend says I should have. It is not because I am plus size that I am not a beautiful woman. So I made the appointment. When I arrived, I was extremely nervous. During make up and hair, I was sweating and it was difficult for me to calm my nerves.

Once I entered the photo studio, I was greeted my Brianna. She wanted to know more about me and she let me know that I was a beautiful woman and that the pictures would turn out great. “ Ya right” I thought. As we started to shoot, Brianna made me feel more and more comfortable. She even said “ you have done this before”. As we were doing the shoot, Brianna would show me the shots and I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. It made me feel more and more confident as I was going through with the photoshoot.

When I left, I was relieved and proud for doing what I did even though I didn’t feel very good about my body. A week later the pictures came in and my oh my!!! The pictures were amazing. I had trouble picking which ones I wanted. I also was nervous to present my boyfriend with those pictures but he loved them.

If I could say one thing to the plus size women out there: we are all beautiful in our own ways. Brianna knows how to make the beauty come out. The experience is amazing and it was so amazing that I’m thinking about my next photo shoot! Judgement was never in the room and I can say that I made a new friend. 

Thank you so much for reading Helen’s story! Want to read more? Head on over to my blog post 4 Questions to ask before booking your boudoir photographer to plan your own personal boudoir shoot! Or, head on over to my About page to learn more about me!


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