Liz’s Story | Bria Rose Boudoir Interview

This is all about Liz and her story! I think that it is so important that women support each other. The issue of body image is seen across millions of women and I just think that sharing Liz’s story will help those who need some inspiration. Enjoy.

Self-love isn’t a concept I allowed myself to embrace until recently, and even still this concept ebbs and flows like the tides in my mind. I’ve spent so much of my life living for and giving to others, that I was always putting myself on the back burner. This act of female selflessness is engrained in us from childhood and is something I have recognized in countless women, mothers, and wives. I was in a marriage that wasn’t terrible but wasn’t great by any means. I justified staying married by saying to myself “It could be worse, he doesn’t beat me, he doesn’t cheat on me” all the while thinking to myself “Who would want this body anyways?”. A few years ago, my confidence and self-worth at an all-time low, and I started questioning what I was doing with my life. I went to therapy, started working out and really started digging into myself, and figuring out what I needed for once. I longed to feel healthy both physically and mentally. Slowly, very slowly, a shift started happening in my brain. When I thought about my mediocre marriage I began to think, “It could be so much better, I deserve better!”.  When I started recognizing this, I started seeing and hearing this message on the internet, and from friends and family all the time. It was almost like the universe was saying, “Yes bitch, you are getting it now!! Here see it again, one more time for good measure! Oh, what? Here it is again!”. Everyday these messages were coming to me and I was finally listening after years of ignoring them. 

When I listened to what the universe was telling me, and really what was deep inside me all along, I was able accept that I was worth more than what I was getting. What the hell was I doing with my life? I knew that I deserved more than what my childhood insecurities, fear, and society had led me to believe. I finally got the courage to admit to myself (and to my husband) that I wanted more than our marriage could provide me. Am I scared to be alone? Absolutely. But right now, I’m more scared to stay stagnant, unfulfilled, and disappointed in my marriage.  I spent 16 years with a man who admittedly did not give me everything I deserved. I gave until I had nothing left. Now at almost 40, I will not waste one more moment, day, week, or year on a man who will not work as hard as I will to make a relationship work. Because I don’t deserve anything less than 100%. My journey has not been easy, and it is most definitely not over. 

A few months ago, I kept coming across these amazing women posing for boudoir photos. I admired their confidence and thought maybe someday I would like to do that. Little did I know that it would happen for me sooner rather than later. I saw an opportunity to take part in a special event hosted at Rockabetty’s featuring the amazing Bria and her photography skills. So, I made the choice to book. I wanted to do these photos for me, and me alone. I wanted to give myself this gift of self-love. I owed it to myself to get dolled up, be sexy, and own my body in all her glory. Bria was so amazing and made me feel so comfortable. She helped bring out my inner goddess. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw my proofs, I could only focus on the negative and nitpick my flaws. That lasted one whole day, because again a switch happened, and now, when I look at these photos, I see a beautiful work of art. I see a woman who is choosing to love herself and truly loving her flaws. I see the soft skin and the curves. I see a one of a kind. I see me, and for the first time in my life I love what I see. My body has carried life twice, has carried me through the hard times and the good. It holds my heart and soul, and for all those reasons and more, I love my body. 

I guess what I have learned about self-love can be boiled down into two simple facts. First, as cliché as it sounds, if you don’t love yourself first, no one will love you the way you truly deserve to be loved. And secondly, you can never go wrong if you pick yourself first. If something in your life isn’t making you happy, you have the power to change it, and you will thank yourself for doing all that hard work later. Don’t give up on yourself, because I guarantee you have barely scratched the surface of what  lies ahead for you.

Wow! Thank you so much for reading Liz’s story! I am so inspired by her words and I hope you are too! If you are inspired to have a boudoir shoot then head over to my contact page to send me a message.


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