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Hi, I'm Bria and I am a very upbeat young woman who can be found singing everywhere she goes. I am a dog-mom of a beautiful chihuahua, Max. I always get asked…why photography? The truth is that I want to help those who to see the beauty in themselves. As a child, I was bullied and my self esteem plummeted. It wasn't until the last year when I found out the beautiful woman that was on the inside. I have always wanted to help others, but it wasn't until I healed myself that I am finally able to give back which is when I decided to make the switch to specialize in intimate moments. My journey has shown me that there is no better time to celebrate your greatness than today, right now and in this moment. Everyday should be a special occasion. I want to photograph intimate moments because it promotes love, togetherness, and fun! You can trust me because I understand am ready to be your rock and biggest supporter. 

I want to be the one to help you with your photography needs, so let's get you booked before someone snags your date! Head on over to the contact page to fill out a request form. Can't wait to hear how to make your day special and unique!

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I love traveling! I have been to over 10 countries and counting including Sweden, Greece, Italy, Vatican, Germany, Mexico (3x), France, England & Scotland. I loved each place for different reasons but I will say that France has my heart. From the culture & people to the AMAZING architecture & cuisine. 

Santorini, Greece


I am OBSESSED with all things Disney. I have been going to Disneyland since I was 3 months; it is in my blood. It is definitely my happy place; the one place I can go where I feel like I can be myself. But, what kept me sane throughout my childhood was my role model Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She is brave, intelligent, witty & a beautiful soul. 

Fun Fact: I have had the pleasure of meeting Paige O'Hara (voice of Belle) at D23 and I couldn't stop crying!

ME and my favorite person in the world


I am scuba certified! I coolest place I have dove was in Santorini, Greece. Being in the ocean is such a rush and yet so peaceful at the same time. I have only gone twice in my life but it is one of the best feelings in the world. Can't wait to go back to Florida and dive in their cave systems.

Santorini, Greece

scuba diving

My work has been seen in numerous publications like Bride & Bridle Magazine, Color Shot Magazine, Golden Exposure Magazine, Shutter Up Magazine, Brand Model Magazine, Storyteller Magazine, Nightmares & Dreamz Magazine, Dreamy Magazine, The Wandering Observer Magazine, The Creative Collective Magazine, Lensational Magazine, The Rogue Photographer Magazine, The Obscura Magazine, & Glass Vault Magazine. I am proud of where I came from but I am so proud of where I am going. 

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I love all things scary! I love going to abandoned places! Virginia City, Nevada is one of my favorite places to go because of the history, people & resident ghosts! I actually saw my first shadow person at the Washoe Club where lots of people died including a monkey! 

My favorite television show is the Dead Files on the Travel Channel where a retired cop and a medium are partners tackling cases together to help people find solutions to their supernatural troubles.

Spooky palace in Germany

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I had been thinking about doing a shoot like this for a while and when I saw this event at Rockabetty’s, I knew I had to jump on it. Bria made me feel so beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. The shots she was able to capture were so stunning! This has been a huge step in my self love journey, and I hope to have her take photos of me again soon! if you are on the fence, don't hesitate, book with her asap!

yuba city, California


I was blown away by my experience with Bri! Although my photoshoot was personal, to say the least, she made sure I was comfortable in every way. If you need a little confidence boost or just want to try something new, this is it!

yuba city, California


I just had a recent boudoir photo shoot with Bria Rose Photography. Bri was my photographer and was very professional the whole time. She made me feel very comfortable and she made me look drop dead gorgeous. I will for sure be asking her for all my photography needs! Thank you again!!

 La jolla, California


2 thumbs way up! Bri is great at what she does, and she helps make you feel way comfortable doing the photos. I was extremely nervous to do this session, almost talked myself out of it, but I gotta say im so glad I went through with it. My hair and make up was stunning thanks to rockabettys, and Bri helped me relax and feel confident in my photos. I definitely plan to do it again soon!

yuba city, California

sarah l

Bria Is amazing !!! This was my first time doing a boudoir session I was nervous but Bria made me feel so comfortable I highly recommend her ❤️❤️❤️And her mom made amazing Mimosas!

yuba city, California


Bria is amazing!! This was my first boudoir experience and Bria was amazing....very professional and put me at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about doing Boudoir pictures. Do it!!!

yuba city, California


Let me first start by saying I'm a plus size women who's struggled with having self-confidence for some time now. With that being said Brianna has changed my whole outlook on myself. I was so nervous about my shoot but very shortly after arriving I felt so comfortable. She made me feel so beautiful and confident that nothing else mattered. I just received all my photos and can i just say WOW! She did AMAZING! I couldn't recommend a better women to get the job done!

yuba city, California


Working with Bri is always a delight. She really knows how to ease your mind and assist you in feeling your most confident self. Don't worry about your knowledge on how to pose; she is excellent at recommending various creative poses, props to work with and how to work with your environment. She keeps you smiling, laughing, and feeling extremely beautiful, worthy and empowered. What a sweet, passionate, talented soul! I couldn't recommend a better person for your photos!

Malibu Beach | Malibu, California


This was the most amazing experience! I never thought I could take photos like this but Bri made it so easy! The hair and makeup was fantastic (thank you Rockabettys!!) and the lingerie was gorgeous! 
I definitely was nervous. But Bri made it so fun and I left feeling so empowered. And the photos look great!! —> I am definitely not super photogenic and usually don’t like myself in pics...so for me to love these speaks volumes about Bri’s skills. 
The whole experience was light, fun and super professional. I felt taken care of the whole time and she really listened to my wants and needs while still encouraging me to try new things. I would so recommend Bria Rose Boudoir Photography and will for sure do this again!

yuba city, California


She was very professional and a trooper for certain photos! We had also 7 of us there and she managed to get amazing photos! Even with a 2 year old running around. She gave me photos to cherish for a lifetime. Highly recommend her!

Sutter Buttes | SUtter, California

Hailee DANE 

I had the best experience with Bria!!! I was nervous going into the shoot but she made me feel comfortable and at ease!! When I received my photos I couldn’t believe it was me and man did she make me feel confident, sexy and that boosted my self-esteem!! She was great the whole session. She showed me each pose before doing it myself. Totally recommend her!!!

Sutter Buttes | SUtter, California


Bri is super sweet & bubbly! She made it comfortable to take photos, especially of my fiancé. She corrected us when needed and used her creativity to create wonderful photos. My fiancé had a blast with her and that says a lot! 

Thousand steps beach | laguna, California

Tiarah & kellan

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